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Influence of Inhibitors in Cooling Emulsion upon Main Cutting Force and Corrosion of Workpiece; I.Juraga, K.Mihoci, V.Alar, V.Simunovic, I.Stojanovic; to be presented at Eurocorr 2006

Brochure: VpCI's for Protection of Flat Rolled Steel Production; October 2002

Interim Corrosion Protection with Soy-based Products Incorporating Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors; C. Cracauer and M. Kharshan; Corrosion 2003, Paper #03485.

Metal Finishing Magazine Feature Story on Cortec's VpCI Technology; B. Boyle, Cortec Corporation, May 2004

Stretch Packaging - It is a Wrap; B. A. Miksic, FNACE; R. Kramer; Cortec Corporation; Steel Times, May 1999, Vol 227, No 5.

The Protection of Flat-Rolled Steel Products From Corrosion in Storage and Transport; R. Legault, Inland Steel Company; NACE, 1983

Tinplate Coil Packaging - Stretch Wrap Method; R. Kramer, Cortec Corporation, 1998

VpCI® Technology For Flat Rolled Steel Production; B. A. Miksic, FNACE; A. Sobkin, R. Kramer; Cortec Corporation; AISE, 1998

Weirton Stretches for Film/ Paper Cocoon; J. Rutsehtl, Packaging World; July 2001